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Select the posture, shoulder type and shoulder angle that best describes you.

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1. Measure around the base of your neck, where your shirt collar would sit.
2. Leave enough room for two fingers in between the tape and your neck.
3. Imagine the tape is a buttoned up collar and adjust to your desired fit - the tape measure should be neither too tight nor loose.

Jacket/Shirt Length

1. Start measurement from the point where your neck meets your shoulder.
2. Measure straight down over your chest and stomach to the point on your thigh parallel to your knuckles.
3. To check the measurement, measure from the same starting point straight down the length of your back and compare the finished measurement. Make sure that the measurement covers most or all of your butt.

Chest Size

1. Measure straight around the back, under the armpit and over the widest part of your chest (usually at nipple level).
2. Leave room to snugly fit two fingers in between the tape and your chest.
3. Stand naturally without overexpanding your chest and make sure that the tape is level all the way around (with no sag in the back).